My new workplace

Waahhh…I haven’t updated on my own happenings for quite a while! So here goes…

I’ve started my new job, and for now, I’m having the time of my life!!
It’s like having my old job once again, except at a more corporate level, heheheh..
No more unnecessary stress nonsense and the best part is that here, they emphasize on WORK LIFE BALANCE! I never knew such things existed! WHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!

SO last week was my first week on the job, (am now on my second week), quite exciting I must say. We are currently carrying out their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes so this time around, we’re going to schools to teach kids how to save money. Yeap, that’s right. Better yet, we tell them how to save up to buy the things their parents won’t let them buy, HAAHHHAHAHAHAHAHHHA!! Kidding kidding…. but it was great fun. I miss working around kids. They’re just so hyper, makes you feel energized just being around them. Oh, and as an added bonus, the kids think I’m 20 (“you look so young!!!”). Oh how wonderful it is to be around chirpy kiddos who think you’re years younger than you are!

“Adik-adik, sila dengar cakap Kakak Raje”

Apart from that, environment at the office is also very nice. I have a supercool boss and an awesomely witty colleague (there’s on 3 of us in my department). People from other departments are just as nice. I have my very own cubicle which is rather spacious. I have all this space that I don’t know how to decorate yet. The only downside to my place is that I have 2 aircond ducts right below my feet! It’s super strong ok, my feet get frozen almost everyday. I brought a rug to cover up the ducts but the aircond coming out was so strong that my rug floated off the ground! I think I have to look for a plank or something to cover it up and then put a rug over it.

I haven’t explored the whole building yet, nor its facilities that are available to the staff. I think I want to be a little bit more active here lah. They have a gym and 2 squash courts for the staff to use at our own leisure. Isn’t that cool?

I’m so happy to be here! Yay for me!!

So here’s to a good future ahead at my new workplace! May everything work out for the best for me here (and may I get good bonuses and other happy perks!) *amin*


  1. Hahahahaha, that was what i thought i saw!!!Thats why I wanted to ask you just to confirm it!OMG. I could never imagine myself calling you aunty raja!! that’s so weird.

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