Zizie Ezettie & boyfy (hubby?)

Ok who out there knows of Zizie Ezettie?

I’m no big fan, but I do know of her existence. Anyway, pictures of her and her boyfriend have been flying around the web and eerr… let’s just say I was at loss for words. Have a look.

Some people say that the guy’s her husband but no official reports out so I’d rather not quote. Especially when the reason given for her hiding her marriage is a rather stupid one. Apparently rumour is that she did not tell people about her solemnization ceremony because she was still in braces. A bit too dumb a reason to believe.

So…i wonder what made Zizie choose this err..prince charming..heheh..

Oh well..asalkan bahagia!


  1. “bukan marah… nasihat!!” P.Ramlee in 3 Abdul… its not the word… its the implication… to flout on such ideas could create unnecessary enmity…

  2. just because you and adam make a cute couple doesn’t give you the rights to make fun of them, you bitch!hhahahaahaha! oh my, i really did sound serious for a moment. ahaks!oh, bracey, bracey, come to daddy!!! eeeeeeewwwwwwww……ok, i think i need to go to bed now…

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