Jingly nona jingly nona

Have you guys ever tried editing a video on a dinosaur-aged IBM pc?? It’s bloody frustrating I tell you until I feel like pulling my hair out. It crashes every 10 minutes and most of the time if you accidentally forget to save after every change, you have to redo the whole thing ALL OVER AGAIN! Argh!

Oh well, I’ve only got two weeks left here at the purple company so I’m going to tolerate it lah.

Yesterday, my team threw a farewell lunch for me and two other colleagues who are leaving. Had a yummy meal at Izzi’s Cafe, and later that afternoon, we all gathered around our hangout purple sofa and each of us who are leaving had to give a farewell speech.

I tried my best to keep mine short, light and humorous because I tend to get very emotional during goodbyes. I don’t like saying goodbye. I remember last time I had to bid people farewell at my previous job, I just couldn’t stop the waterworks. The other time I sent my bestfriend off at the airport..my God..drama sunggoh. I bawled my eyes out as if I’d never see her again, hahahaha..

So yes, I get emotional at goodbyes therefore I do not like goodbyes.

It was a success, I ended up talking about how my darling Sheikh Muzaphar has landed safely and is back safe and sound on earth which got everyone laughing. Broke the tension a bit so I managed to say my thank yous in a non-tearful way.

After that, the managers took turns talking about their views of us. Much to my surprise, all of them said really really nice things about me. One manager said that usually she scares people away because she looks very fierce. I was the first person who from my very first few days smiled, said hello and even chatted with her. Made her feel good and think that maybe she’s not that scary after all. They were sad to see me go, but they wish me well.

Another manager and my immediate boss, whom without her I would have left a long long time ago, reminisced about the first time they met me during my interview. They knew immediately that they just had to hire me and that the clients (especially one in particular) will just love me. My boss even mentioned a note of gratitude saying that I have contributed a lot in helping us gain awards and winnings at the recent media awards.

After that, they all gave some pearls of wisdom for my future undertakings and wished me all the best. It was one of the sweetest things the managers have ever said to me, and the best part is they sounded really sincere! hahahahahah… I mean, these were things which I never knew, about my impression on the bosses. Never knew much about what they thought of me..and I never knew if what I contributed even mattered..so yeah.. it felt good… and I’m glad that I am leaving behind a positive memory of me…


Here’s to the purple company, to the fond memories and challenging tribulations. I will cherish and learn from my experiences for always.


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