Ketupat rendang overload

I’m baaaaaaaccckkk!!!

Raya was excellent!! The food was awesome and I spent great quality times with my family. My sister and 2 of my other cousins had such a blast playing MONOPOLY! wahahahaha…yes yes, Monopoly is supposed to be quite a dull game but we made sucha riot and had so much fun till my mom exclaimed that we sounded like we were playing mahjong instead, hahahahaha…

Anyway, hope all you people out there had an equally great time with your families 🙂

Oh, and here’s something cool I wanna share with you guys. Check it out, it’s a Simpsonized version of ME!!!

Isn’t it awesome?? Hahahhaha…I’m having such a blast “Simpsonizing” myself.

This is how the fiance looks likes as a Simpsons character.

Heheheheh… you can get your own Simpsonized character online. It’s done by Burger King as part of The Simpsons movie promotion on the SimpsonizeMe website.

All you gotta do is find a hi-res picture of yourself (must have very clear face-shot), upload it and hey presto! You’re a Simpsons character!!! You can even choose clothes, hair-styles, accessories etc.

Try it outfor yourself!


  1. ello!! yes, i’m back! hhhehehhe…tested your wall already, seems to be working fine thougherrr… raya pictures this year

  2. so glad u r back writting again ! eh my graffiti wall not working ler can u pls test test conteng or draw sthing ?? sedih ok ! xoxox meLoad ler some gambar raya ! -lioness-

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