The festivities are baaacckk

Ahh…such joy… the festive seasons are back!

As usual, festive celebrations means more reason to shop!! Gifts gifts and more gifts! Wheee… unfortunately, more shopping means a very fast gaping hole in your wallet. But if you think about it, what is a celebration without the wonderfully packed boxes, neatly wrapped with colourful ribbons, right? Especially on birthdays, oh and Christmas (for those who celebrate)!!

I’ve always wondered if buying stuff online would save you more money than shopping at the malls. Sure enough, there are sites out there that gives you a wide range of deals and offers! All you’ve got to do is follow up on their promo codes.

I’m gonna do up a wish list!! Yeaaaahhhh!! WOohooO!!

Ok let’s see… ooh!! GAP! Have you seen the latest GAP ads? Man, that John Mayer is hot! Love their range of clothes. Basic colours, yet appealing all the same..Ohoo..and whaddya know.. GAP deals! Awesome! Perhaps along with that we can add on some new shoes ey? 😉

Hmm…i wonder if they have Apple coupons too, that would be sweet wouldn’t it?
Apple stuff are always the coolest. Anyone out there drooling over the iPhone? Yeah, me too! Too bad it’s a bit way out of my err..pocket. Hahahah! Perhaps some day the offer coupons can actually enable me to afford one. It’ll be my birthday present to me!

Hahahaha..I’m going wishlist crazy.

I think I’m going to surf around some more and keep on adding to my very own wishlist, heheheh…

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