Raya raya raya

I’m SO in the mood for raya. Everyone’s gone out to lunch, and as usual, I’m left alone. So what do I do? CRANK UP DA MUSIC!!! yeaaahh!!

Ahaha..not the rock songs la, but my raya song collection. Really puts you in the mood for ketupat, rendang and all your grandma’s specialties. I’m practically drooling here!

You know I was thinking, I should probably learn at least one dish that I can cook up very well. Ok, forget the fact that I’m absolutely hopeless in the kitchen, but I think I should at least make an effort. Otherwise, my kids and grandkids might not be able to relate to the term “mom’s specialty” or grandma’s cooking”. Erk.

Ok how about my specialty be….mmm… Ketupat Instant Nona!! HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Cannot? Fine, fine. I’d probably some day start with the basics first then figure out how to work the stove. SOME DAY. Not anytime soon. It’s not as if I’d die if I don’t know how to cook right? Like they say “kedai kan banyak!”. My fiance’s probably currently shaking his head while reading this, bemusing at how pathetic his future wife is, hehehe… no problem lah, I have other skills that can make up for that *grin*

Seriously, my cleaning and all that jazz are 110% better than my cooking skills. The cooking part, I just have no confidence. Oh well.

*dreaming of grandma’s ayam masak merah*

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