Nadia Zaireen Omar talks back

Referring to my previous post, where a young lady was caught for khalwat by Pejabat Agama Daerah Langkawi (Padal).

The young lady, Nadia Zaireen Omar, 27, has apparently grown tired of all the assumptions and false accusations that has been strewn around the world wide web regarding her arrest and thus posted a reply on a local forum in hopes of extinguishing the gossip fire surrounding her.

This was what she had to say.
hi guys..

i just wanna make things clear since u guys made a bunch of assumption, that u dun even know what’s going on.. so rather than to keep u guys wondering what is happening and to keep u update rather than wasting ur time..lemme tell u tis..

im the one that u r supposed to look for, for the nadia that u r looking for and im the one that been caught khalwat. does any1 mention about zina here..?just to correct u guys, because im not doing that. the only thing happened is he happened to be in my house at that time and i’ve done nothing with him. he’s my late bf’s bestfriend and every1 who knows me well ,knew about this. so pls dun even tell me u know what is happening. my late bf passed away on 29th of july of a tragic car accident and he’s indian. and i dun find anything wrong to couple with an indian guy.pls keep ur mind open..u made ur life complicated by trying to understand the whole situation through ur bad assumption.god knows what’s happening, so why worried, rite? we did nothing in the house. we’re just talking but sum are just manipulating my words to make it more beautiful to the bad ears.

khalwat and zina is totally a different thing.. and we were talking about “him” all night long because im totally down. and to jutaOnefami, pls, u r just worst than me, u know. u just dunno what is friends are for.and i dun think u r a good friend to any1, coz u dunno the meaning of friendship itself. u r the 1st to run away when ur friend got huge problem i guess.. what i went through, nobody had it like mine..sum ppl knew we’re just friend but jealousy actually kills ppl in a friendship. that’s what happened to me. sum are aiming to see me down when im on my way up..sum ppl just dun like others in happiness..because they dun get it.and lucky im strong enough.and all this shit gonna make me a wiser person in the future.u could say im social, outgoing but if u dun know me, dun say a thing.. because u r much more worst than me, if u r doing that.and if u guy are fasting, u guys are just wasting ur time. as it said,alfitnatul asshaddul minal khat..if u guys know what i mean..u see here, u dunno my job. it’s not a night club manager.i know what im doing still. but my shift back very late, always and normally be reaching home at 2pm, sumtimes there’s my girl colleagues will accompanying me, sumtimes sum other ppl..but this time, he’s the one because he knew my bf really close.

sumtimes i feel bad to live in tis kinda community ppl are just so narrow and low mentality even though study might be higher, sum ppl are just gifted being

dumb the whole their life.wake up guys! what i could tell u, whoever did this, what goes around, wil always comes around and that’s what gonna happen. and most of all, god rili knows what’s happening and until now. my dad and my parents are great, i admitted that my mistake is to let him in the house, which im not supposed to, but instead things happened at the other hand in the wrong perception and bad intention. to ruin my da’s name is totally unfair. he taught me every aspect in life in a good way. and so far im behaving myself still. dun judge a book by its cover.pls..malay ppl, wake up and stand up! see the world and move forward!not just chatting sumthing

stupid here, assuming sumthing u just didnt bring u anywhere,rite..

btw, (refering to someone ), i dun even know who u are, eventhough u r saying u knew me,there’s no pub in my hotel and my place is considered bar and lounge instead. thank u if u tried to be concern by putting words in my mouth rather than rili knowing me..same goes to the rest, if u dunno thing, just dun say a thing. if u dun know me, dun say a thing. if u want to know me better, pls come forward. i’ve nothing against any1 sorry if my words are to harsh for u guys, but im just trying u guys to understand the whole situation.but it’s totally up to u, whether to keep assuming and done with my things least the burden of the sins that u r carrying..

* * * * * * *

I feel that she has a right to be furious, I mean, her boyfriend just died for God’s sake. Why couldn’t those stupid Padal people leave her alone. Obviously they have nothing better to do. Anyway, I seriously don’t think much of what happened between her and the boy who was caught along with her, but someone has got to give her grammar lessons!

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