Why I want to eat at Friday’s


Talking about places that serves yummylicious food while you’re fasting is NEVER a good idea. I can’t help it though, i LOVE Friday’s!

If any of you out there have never been to Friday’s, man you sure don’t know what you’re missing out on. You should go there AT LEAST once, and I highly recommend a birthday occassion..heheheheh..

Yeap, those people there sure know how to throw a birthday bash. I remember once when it was my fiance’s birthday, and they made him sing and stand on the chair and all that jazz, with me being the one and only audience! waaahahahahah…oh such joy! LOL! Ok a bit mean, but we had fun 😀

The one thing I absolutely look forward to at Friday’s is their Ultimate Nachos… oh heaveeennn…
The crispy nachos with all the awesome toppings…NOTHING can beat their Ultimate Nachos!!!

Ok that’s it. I’m going to Friday’s for buka puasa.

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