A kebaya love story

A few months back, my family along with a family of close friends went on a trip to Jakarta. We stayed at the Grand Kemang, Jakarta, which was an absolutely awesome hotel!!! One night after dinner, we also bumped into Ashraf Sinclair with a pretty girl whom we recently found out was Bunga Citra Lestari through the big headlines they made in newspapers. Anyway throughout our stay there, we visited SO MANY shops selling materials. Obviously the main purpose of this trip was to find materials to make my wedding kebayas.

I fell in love with the kebayas there. Although some are a little bit over the top, the Indonesian designers are pure geniuses when it comes to their kebaya collections. Seriously, kebaya Indonesia MEMANG lawa-lawa!

One of the beautiful designs I saw was that of Didi Budiardjo.
Upon completing his studies in Indonesia, Didi furthered study at Atelier Fleuri Delaporte of Paris. Raved as the youngest Indonesian fashion designer among the fashion elite, his designs definitely made my heart turn loops.

Check out this particular one which I fell head over heels for.

Simply romantic isn’t it? Yes, yes very wedding-y, keep in mind that I am on the hunt for kebaya pengantin (a bridal kebaya).

Billy’s studio is located in South Jakarta, Indonesia.

Just in case anyone out there is interested…
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