My love for kebaya

Sometimes I think that I’m stuck in some old era. I love all things traditional, though it may be boring to some, it’s my most favourite segment of fashion. Above all, I love kebayas.

Opening up my closet the other day, I realized that I have quite a collection of kebayas, panjang, pendek, nyonya, modern, see thru, songket, batik, you name it. There’s just something about the kebaya that when you put it on, you can’t help but feel a surge of femininity, it’s like you turn into a whole new person. Every move, words uttered reflects the beauty and modesty of a Malay lady (ala wanita Melayu terakhir)

Donning the kebaya is art in its own way.

Nowadays, I see more and more of non-Malay ladies wearing the kebaya. Ahh…the beauty of Malaysia. So versatile is the kebaya that even though it is a traditional Malay costume, it enhances the beauty of a lady of any race that puts it on.

It’s fasting month now and pretty soon it will be raya. You can expect loads of shops stocking up on their kebayas and tailors will be pretty much working around the clock.

Some time ago, I started to blog a lot about kebayas, then somehow my blog turned a bit trashy..heheheh…

I’m going to continue what I started, and start again on my love for kebayas.



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