Blub blub blub

Have you guys ever been scuba diving?

I have and let me tell you that diving is one of the most heavenly experiences that you could ever have. It’s like being in a whole different world. Calm, quiet and serene, the peaceful tranquility of the underwater world can at times cross over to the point of being eerie.

During my final year in uni, I went for a scuba diving trip for 6 days. Throughout the whole 6 days, all we did was eat, sleep and dive!! It was simply spectacular! I got my PADI Open Water license which I proudly carry around with me nowadays. Although I haven’t had the chance to go scuba diving again ever since, I’d love to go on another trip again some day.

I know that there are loads of places to go scuba diving even in Malaysia itself. Places like Redang, the oh-so-famous Sipadan and I do believe there are quite a number of protected islands around Sabah.

*dreaming of dreamy scuba diving trips*

Oh well, till the day comes, I guess all I can do is just surf around and the various beautiful scuba diving spots and dream my little dreams of being back underwater.

I’m starting to sound like a mermaid, LOL


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