Something’s not right…

As much as I want to believe that the body of the little girl in the bag is not pretty Nurin… Deep down I know that it’s her… Looking carefully at her pictures, she seems to have similar features to the picture of the ‘unidentified’ girl.

Though her father refused to believe that it is his daughter, regardless the fact that DNA tests proved otherwise, I guess we can all sympathize and understand why he is reacting that way. What parent would readily accept the reality that their innocent daughter of only 8 years of age was sexually tortured to death…?

I was reading back news of when they found the bag containing her body and somehow several things seemed quite odd to me. If you think about it, why was the bag dumped at a very public place? No wait, it wasn’t even dumped, it was PLACED. It’s as if the person who did it WANTED the bag to be found. Logically, if you kidnapped and killed someone, wouldn’t you want to get rid of the body without people finding it? A common idea (although not normal/common for a sane person) would be to dump the bag at places like the river, or bury it or something of that sort so that no one finds trace of the girl, especially since this case has blown nationwide. So why did this sick psychopath placed the bag at the staircase of an office, knowing that someone would see it?

He (or she) wanted the bag found.

If you ponder on it further, the girl was kidnapped at Wangsa Maju, the bag containing the body was found at Petaling Utama. These two locations are not that far off from each other. Heck it’s barely even a different state. So why was it so difficult to track down this little girl?

I don’t know, perhaps I’ve been watching way too much of CSI but somehow the pieces just don’t fit.

The IGP reports that they are closing in on the killer. I hope they catch him soon. I’d like to see the face of this nutcase. Obviously he doesn’t deserve to live after doing what he did, but I’m not one to judge who lives or dies, so I pray to God that he gets the punishment that he deserves (be it now or in the hereafter).

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