Oh my god….tatau asal hari ni lapar gila!!! Maybe sebab pagi tadi tak sahur bebetul…makan sikit je… isk..

Serious lapar.. sampai kepala rasa ringan cam floating di awang-awangan… tapi perut pedih mencucuk-cucuk… aiyaakkk… dugaan..
Angeline dok makan Koko Krunch, cam best jek.. in front of me pun ada sepeket Koko Krunch.. dapat free smalam… WAAAAAAHH!! NAAAAAAAAKK!!!

Oh well..takpe takpe…4 more hours to go.. boleh boleh boleh (ala-ala Ipin).

Huh? Siapa Ipin? Laaa…korang tak tau ke?

Ipin ialah adik kepada Upin, two little animated twin brothers who tell their experience of fasting for the first time. For a locally produced animation, I highly salute this group of people (Les Copaque) for a job well done! The short five minute animation series airs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7.30pm on TV9 throughout the month of Ramadan.

Check out the first episode here.

Upin and Ipin also stars in an upcoming animation movie called Geng : The Adventure Begins…
Search on YouTube and you’ll be able to find sneak previews of the movie. I’m definitely going to watch it without a doubt. This is by far the FIRST local animation production that has impressed me A LOT.

This movie is a MUST GO!!!
You can find out more about them on their official blog.

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