What in the world is a Gâc fruit??

Have you any of guys ever seen this fruit before?

It’s called the Gâc fruit or scientifically known by the complicated scientific people as Momordia Cochinchinemis Spreng. Apparently, this little known fruit (or perhaps little known to me) has such great benefits that it is even dubbed as “Fruit from Heaven”. Now, you don’t simply call something as a gift from heaven for nothing right? So I did a little bit of digging around and here’s what I found about this brightly coloured fruit.

It seems that the Gâc is commonly found in countries in Southeast Asia (why have I not seen it before??) namely Vietnam and Cambodia (ahh..that’s why). It’s about the size of a honeydew melon and tastes fairly bland.

Here’s how it looks like opened up (or cut up, and served as a dish)

Okaayy…what’s so great about it then?

This fruit is best believed to be Vietnam’s well kept traditional medicinal secret until today! Hahahhahaha…according to scientists and researchers (all over the net), here are among it’s benefits for us homosapiens :-
protect and rejuvenate cells with its powerful antioxidants
promote healthy eyesight
enhance longevity
increase energy
traditional remedy for arthritis
traditional remedy for cardiovascular and macular degeneration
reduce the risk of prostate cancer
reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases
beneficial to those who have osteoporosis, neuro-degenerative diseases and hypertension

Whoaaa….impressive what this fruit can do to help our health ey? But to me the best part about this fruit is that it not only has 70 times more lycopene than that found in tomatoes, but 10 times beta-carotene than that in carrots.

Now eeeverybody knows that eating lots of tomatoes will give you beeeeautifuuuullll skin and THAT’S what I love about the Gâc fruit. Beta-carotene, a natural carotenoid antioxidant found abundantly in Gâc fruit, helps boost the immune system and assists the skin’s cellular rejuvenation process. Carotenoids as plant pigments function as protection of the plant against excess sunlight. As a result, their nutritional value is especially important to healthy skin.

Awesome right?? Haahahahaha…more natural stuff to juice up our skin! WuuuuuUUUuu…yes yes, I’m being all girl here, it’s all about the beauty. But hey, beauty is but skin deep ok! It goes beyond that! Literally! Hence it’s best to stuff yourself with all these fruits and veggies that’ll help protect your skin (and body)inside out, agree? Myself, I have always believed that you get to absorb more benefits for your body by either taking the real thing, or at least using all natural products. I mean, it’s bad enough that we’re being exposed to God-knows-what type of chemicals while we’re out during the day, but to slap on more chemicals onto our skins…oh dear.

I surfed around to see if there are any products out there that are already using the Gâc fruit in their products and found that there are Gâc fruit juices being sold in the market already (haven’t seen any of these here yet either). Apart from that, products like R.G. Skin Revitalizer also uses the benefits of the Gâc fruit. It’s actually a daily skin nourishment which is rich with Gâc. I’m sure there will be more Gâc products in the near future.

Oh well, let’s see if we can go out there and find this wonder-fruit. In the mean time, like my mom always say “finish your vegetables and eat fruits for deserts!!” Hehhehe… Here’s to a lifetime of eating fruits and veggies to keep healthy! Woot woot!

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