UPM students vs UPM staff – again!

I found out about this from the Tigers’ blog.
I think it’s fair that they’re asking for a black and white of the confiscation. Sheesh, officials can be so annoying and arrogant at times.

You can view the video on the Malaysia Kini website.

16 September 2007 | 09:00 min

This video depicts several Universiti Putra Malaysia students confronting university’s security personnel for refusing to issue an inventory of possessions following confiscation of a student’s belongings.

When UPM security ‘special duties unit’ supervisor Zamali Haji Samsi refused, the students formed a human shield to stop him from leaving in a chauffeured car.

The students called in the police but they did not intervene. A police report was subsequently lodged over the incident.

On Friday (Sept 14) campus security had allegedly broken into the room of a student related to the group depicted in the video, and confiscating the student’s laptop computer, MP4 player, pendrive, mobile phone and some documents.

The student was also allegedly interrogated on his involvement in campus politics between Friday 11pm until 1am the following day.

Harassment of students is common during campus election seasons. Campus polls are expected to be announced soon.

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