It’s lunchtime. I’me fasting. So, in my efforts of keeping my mind of food, I try to keep myself busy with other things. Somehow, while browsing away on the net, I remembered Taylor Hanson.


I’m sure all of you remember Hanson. They were top of the charts in our teeny bopper days. I remember the days when Babes and I would sing their songs over and over again at the back of the class. You can’t deny it, even if you weren’t fans of Hanson, you’ve hummed their upbeat Mmmbop! song more than once. My favourite song by them is Weird.

I remember the first time I watched their video clip on TV. I was with my cousin at that time and when Taylor was on screen he exclaimed “HUYOO!! LAWA SIOT KAKAK DIA!”
Too bad I had to burst his happy bubble and tell him that no..it’s not a kakak…it’s an abang. Much to his disbelief and disappointment, Taylor Hanson is a guy.

I had a huge crush on Taylor. Oh yeah, collections of posters and all, although I was never allowed to paste anything on my bedroom walls.

Today, I find out that he has been happily married and now he and beautiful wife Natalie have three equally beautiful children.

I even found a sweet video of their wedding and other pictures (don’t ask ok, I’m a sucker for all these wedding thingies nowadays)

Older brother Isaac and younger brother Zac are also married.

OMG I feel so old.

They have a new song out now. Don’t know how new this is but it’s new to me. Zac is doing the vocals this time around while Taylor takes over the drums.

I must say young Zac has matured into a very handsome young man with a great voice, although his brother still remains as the favourite in my eyes.. ehhehe..

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