Happy birthday Yaya!

Today is my sister’s 19th birthday!! Waahhh…dah besar…next year no more teen-teen.. hehehehhe…

My sister is one happyhappy-supergarang-crazy-funny-talkative-hyper-moody-cartoonloving-bighearted-andawholelotmore kind of person! Yeah, takde dia kat rumah memang bosan aahh..I’d have no one to annoy so I just love it when she comes home weekends. Oh, and she’s one of my best shopping buddies too!! Yeaaahhh…luv luv going out with my little sister. Although the term “little” only applies to age. Why? Because she’s taller, bigger framed, and have legs that go on forever, hahahaha…

We celebrated her birthday on Saturday night, as she had to leave for campus on Sunday. We hid the presents behind one of the curtains near the dinner table. Halfway through buka puasa we sang her happy birthday (which she responded with omg awalnye!!) and then gave her cards and presents. I do hope she likes her presents. Babes and I went around the whole of KLCC (with Babes moaning in hunger towards the end) looking for the best gifts. In the end, lepas pusing-pusing the whole of KLCC, we ended up buying all her gifts at the very first shop we went into! Hahhahahah… but worth it lah, we got this really cool Zara handbag, a Zara canvas bag that she can bring to class with, and a funky pink umbrella (Zara jugak, takdek jual Rihanna umbrella kat Mesia nih).

She’s back at college today, I hope she has a fun time celebrating her birthday with her college mates.

Here’s a wishing you a very happy birthday Yaya, may all your wishes and dreams come true!

Lots of love,

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