This is a very weird feeling. I have nothing to do. Yes, I’m talking about work. I still have 2 months left here, but all my accounts (except one) has been handed-over to the new girl. Good luck to her.

Currently I’m only handling a small account, and there’s pretty much nothing to fuss over. Schedules and bookings have been done for the rest of the year, and apart from the occasional panic bouts when they forget a material deadline, they’re pretty quiet.

For the first time ever, I am relaxed. Hhahahahaha…if only they’d let me take leave or something *sigh*

I’m looking forward to my new job, but feeling nervous about it too. Something extremely new, and it’s not exactly one of those fields where I can confidently plunge into and know that I’ll be ok. I guess I’ll manage. I hope.

Anyway, while I’m here shaking my legs about and figuring out new articles to write (part of my current jobscope), the fiance and babester are busy with their new jobs. Babes has been really quiet as compared to when she was at home with nothing to do. No longer am I receiving phone calls every now and then with a chirpy “HHHEELLLOOOOOooOOOOoo!!!”. Heheheh…nowadays when I call her, I’m greeted with whispers of hello and a “Aku sibuk nih, call you later”. Sounds so familiar..heheh…that was me awhile back. I’m so glad all that is over, fuh! Well, hopefully she’s coping well. Early mornings and late nights will slowly but surely take its toll on you. 🙂

The fiance on the other hand seems to be having a whale of a time. Masuk on time, balik on time, and no complaints on anything (or anyone) yet so far, LOL. Well, glad he’s back at work, I think if he was given another week of medical leave, he’d go crazy at home. At least at work (crutches and all) he’d have some company and things to do to keep him occupied. So yay for him 😉

Oops…the boss calling. Time is 10 minutes to 6pm..ahh…a typical day at the purple company..hahhahah… dah time balik pun dok bagi kerja. Oh well. Only a matter of days, wheeeeeeeeee!

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