Loving your country

Yesterday, I read in the news about a riot that happened in Terengganu. Police were trying to disperse an illegal political gathering at a tourist area when the opposition supporters turned violent against them.

I felt appalled reading it, thinking nothing less but lowly thought about the rioters. Then I left it at that, and thought nothing more of it. To me, it was just a typical PAS or Keadilan supporter thing to do. Very uncivilized.

The while having dinner later that night, I saw more on the news about the riot that left me feeling angry, upset and just at loss for words.

Not only did these people attack police officers, the camera caught them burning Malaysian flags. OUR national flag. A symbol of our country. I just couldn’t believe it. There they were, claiming to be Malaysians, proudly carrying their identity cards in their wallets which was probably sitting in their pockets while they behaved like uneducated men, and gave a shout of triumph as they burned one Malaysian flag after another.

I felt sick to my stomach.

On 31st August, my friends and I joined thousands of others in celebrating Malaysia’s 50th independence day. We were proud to be Malaysians. We happily walked around waving our tiny flags (in my case wearing my big flag t-shirt), and together shouted the triumphant “MERDEKA!” with high spirits. Strangers alike, we all stood side by side and sang Allahyarham Sudirman’s Merdeka song as loud as we could. We weren’t strangers that night, we were all Malaysians.

To see young men who probably all their life grew up on Malaysian soil burn the flag with no sense of shame just shocked me speechless. I felt ashamed, and disturbed. What would tourists think if they happened to see the riot and that stupid act of burning our own country’s flags? What in the world were those stupid rioters thinking?? If they hated the country so much, why not move out? They’d probably retaliate and say it’s not the country they hate, it’s the government but that sure doesn’t justify their act of setting the Jalur Gemilang on fire does it?? If you’re some sort of psycho and really must burn a flag, why dont you do it online or something and not in public places!

If we were to kick them out of the country, do they think ANY other country would want them after knowing that they behave like animals? Takde mana negeri orang lain nak amik korang dok tempat diorang tau tak??

Curses to those who personally set fire on the Malaysian flags. I hope you get punishment as what you deserve.


  1. Ish. Obsess betul korang nih ek? Soooo, apa gossip terkini pasal Mawi? hihihi..I’m not ready to disclose my blog to all of you just yet. -Lynn-

  2. of course it’s never OK to burn the flag.haih, the police does not allow any gathering which is seen as anti-government, even a gathering about water. pathetic.should they INFORM the police? yes. must they get their PERMISSION? no.a school is different than places like KLCC. i disagree with any political party hosting gatherings at schools. unless, of course, the students themselves organise one. then it’s their right to do so.the masjid negara gathering received the permission from Bukit Aman TWO DAYS before the event. tiba-tiba on that day, in front of the mosque, the police barred them from entering.so, obviously i disagree with that aspect of the police force. i’m not going to support the police JUST BECAUSE they are the POLICE.

  3. “illegal” here means takde permit laaa.. ape la susah sangat nak paham. Anyone who wants to have a huge gathering at a public place will need to have permission. Understandable right? Kalau nak buat event kat skolah pun kena mintak permission, ye tak? If you want to hold a gathering kat memana pun nak kena mintak permission person in charge. So without permission it would be illegal la, haiyoh, that one also sibuk suruh define.About the flag burning, I don’t care who did it, it should not have been done. I feel very strongly about this, don’t push it.And Aliaa’s busy working, jangan kacau.

  4. i do not trust everything that is written in the newspaper as they are all politically controlled.define “illegal political gathering”. there was suppossed to be a gathering at masjid negara about water by several faith-based groups. however, the police considered such gathering as “illegal”, thus preventing them from entering the mosque.so, again, define “illegal political gathering”.about the flag burning, while i definitely am against such acts for any excuse, we don’t even know who actually did it.and to aliaa: bila hang nak update blog, huh? :p

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