The guest list

I never knew that it was so difficult to do up a guest list. When people were telling me “you’d better start on your guest list now you know!” about 5 months ago, I kinda looked at them a bit weird. I was thinking, what? do it now? My wedding is NEXT YEAR!

That was until I actually sat down to do my list. RAMAINYE ORAAAAANNNGGG!!! It’s so difficult!! The reception will be held at a hall therefore limited seats available. Hence I have to properly do up my invitation list so that I don’t accidentally leave out any important and significant friends or family members.

Nak ajak dia ni, nak ajak dia tu, semua orang la nak ajak!! It’s a very happy day for me and I just want to share it with the whole wide world. Unfortunately, that’s not the scenario that’s going to happen and I have to be realistic with my list. Thank God my buddies are here to snap me out of it. I HAVE TO FOCUS!!! 206 days to go…aarrrggghhh!! time’s a wasting!!!

That’s it. This week, I am going to, I HAVE TO finalize my guest list!! (although that was what I said last week).

I believe this is not going to get any easier.

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