A colleague just sent me pictures of Erra Fazira during her recent bertunang (engagement) ceremony with Engku Emran or more fondly known among friends as Kumre. Engku Emran is the CEO of Suria FM.

Funny though, selalunya people who have been married before, they don’t do these tunang thingies, they just go ahead and get on with the nikah. Weird. Tengak gambar Erra bertunang lagi skali nih, teringat pulak VCD wedding dia dengan Yusry dulu. Kawin sakan, buat kenduri kat almost every state. Tu yang riuh boleh buat vcd tu, jual buat duit lagi (I can’t believe you bought it Dillot).

Skarang nih, kawin ngan Engku Emran lak (after cheating on Hans).

Oh well. I still don’t like what she did to Hans Isaac. Bad Erra. Bad.

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