Show me the money PPP!!!

Being quite a newbie on the blogging world, I’ve heard raves about how easy it is to earn if you talk about the right things, place the right links and get the huge amount of people visiting your blogs. NuffNang, Adsense, Advertlets…so many choices on how to make money via blogs. Don’t we all want to make money easily? I’m sure we do, but in the end, having a whole bunch of ads on my blog will just make it look clustered and annoying.

Then I stumbled on payperpost. It was listed on one of the various blog advertising websites I visited and I found it very interesting. How it works is that they give you a list of topics, and you choose one topic which you find relevant (or you feel you could talk a lot about) and then you blog about it. Simple isn’t it?

The more I read the more interested I became. So many people have posted up testimonials celebrating their partnership with payperpost. However, I never really found enough confidence to type in anything on their topics, I was never sure whether I’d be writing the right stuff. Today though, the topic was an highly relevant one, it’s about what I’d do with all the money I earn from payperpost!!

Well, obviously…it’ll go to my wedding piggy bank!! Hahahahah…ok ok…maybe not enough to fund much of my wedding expenses, but I’d definitely put it to extremely good use. Starting my new job in 2 months time, and I’ve been told that the dress code is “corporate”. Oh dear. Currently I’ve been going to work in jeans and semi-casual shirts. Corporate wear? Pant suits?? *panic!!* Obviously they’re not in my wardrobe. So if all works well with payperpost, I am very much likely use it to help give myself a great start to a whole new career (and a whole new wardrobe).

Cheers to payperpost!


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