AIM 2007 red carpet

I was feeling a little bit down in the dumps yesterday, so decided to entertain myself by surfing around for some pretty dresses that I can dream about. Somehow I ended up viewing pictures of our local artistes strutting their stuff at the recent Anugerah Industry Muzik (AIM) 2007 red carpet. I must say some of them looked gorgeous in their elaborate dresses, although there are some who need serious help in choosing their outfits.

Check out the pics below. (photos courtesy of Pujangga Malam)

Here’s our pretty Dato’ Siti, in a very blue dress..ehm..too blue to my liking but she pulls it off just fine

Sazzy Falak, I like this petite lady very much, i think she’s full of style, sense and talent..dress from Warehouse

Maya Karin, in pictures sometimes she looks good, sometimes not..but in real life she’s simply gorgeous

Ning Baizura, mmm…i don’t facy the dress she’s wearing…not liking the sleeves..dress is Jovian Mandagie’s creation

Noryn Aziz, too pink!! too pink!! creation of Calvin Thoo

Maya Karin, pretty as always..Sharifah Aleya, erm…i reserve my comments..i’m thinking ‘candyland’

Farah Akademi Fantasia, not bad at all 🙂

Dina Malaysian Idol, she needs SERIOUS help


  1. baju siti tuh telah di recycle masa dia buat show kat award nite company aku. cuma this time dia pakai tudung. tak cun langsung (refer to the baju and cara dia [akai tudung mlm tuh)

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