Sharifah Amani does a britney-do! She’s bald!

Will you check this out!!! I’ve got to say, hat’s off (or rather hair-off) to this young talent of Malaysia!

Sharifah Amani is one of the top leading names in Malaysia’s movie scene and I don’t think she’s going to take a dip anytime soon. Most famous for her stints in Yasmin Ahmad movies such as Sepet, Gubra, and Mukhsin, Amani’s new look is part of the act for yet another upcoming Yasmin Ahmad movie called Mualaf (meaning The Convert).

Taken from The Sun newspaper :-
Lights, camera, cut! …
Actress Sharifah Amani, 21, sports a new look for her latest role in Yasmin Ahmad’s Mualaf (The Convert). She plays a character whose abusive father (played by veteran Datuk Rahim Razali) cuts off her hair. Sharifah Amani, who was the lead in Yasmin’s award-winning film Sepet, said: “I cried at first when my hair was cut, but now I ike the look. I feel liberated. I might keep my hair short.”

This is how she looks like before she cut all her hair off.

Well I guess Silkygirl will have to make do with their other celebrities to promote their products…wait…actually..they can turn it into an awesome twist!

Have hair, no hair…Silkygirl brings out the glam in you!


Hmmm….it’s funny how Yasmin Ahmad movies are all one-word titles. Sepet.. one word.. Gubra.. one word.. Mukhsin.. one word.. Mualaf.. one word..
I wonder what one word titled movie will she come up with next..

Perhaps she would be interested to come up with a movie called “Liyana”?
hahahahahhahah…oh well..

Whatever it is..Amani, you rock!


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