Rempit Danger

I received this cautionary email from a friend. I just have to share it with all of you. Everyone, please do be careful when you’re out and about.

* * * * * * *

Last Friday night, or rather, very early Saturday morning (3am), two friends of mine – Amy and Sara (names changed) were on Lorong Maarof where one had parked her car at, before the two headed elsewhere in one car earlier that same night.

They sat in the stationary car with the engine on while they finished the conversation they were having whilst on their journey there, when they suddenly noticed a group of motorcycles nearby. There were four bikes altogether with two men on each one. Confused as to what they were up to, they locked the doors and watched, bewildered as the bikes started to circle around the car!
In these few split seconds when reason and practicality goes straight out the window, both front windows were smashed in and glass was scattered all over the inside of the car and of course on them both, getting in their clothes and hair.

Real terror had now taken over. Just as Amy caught a glimpse of a menacing arm reaching into the car, another tried to grab a handbag Sara had used as a shield. Amy pressed her foot hard on the accelerator and sped off screaming, ignoring all speed bumps on the quiet road. They could hear the men yelling and following close behind. After what seemed like forever, they approached a red traffic light near the mosque in Bangsar, the impending doom seemed inevitable as they could feel the bikes nearing in in them. Alhamdulillah, it turned green at the last few seconds just as they reached the light and made the turning to the left as they both frantically sounded the horn as much as possible. It was now about 3.15 am and there were hardly any cars about.

The crazed hooligans (commonly known as Mat rempits to you and me) were now on a full speed car chase on the main road and would not give up till they were in sight of the mini pondok polis situated in the middle of central Bangsar not far from where the nasi lemak stalls are located. As Amy and Sara neared the police post, the gang of idiots finally dispersed.

You would think that reaching the police would be a blessing in such an awful situation but the girls were sadly greeted by only one sleepy eyed officer who didnt seem to be too bothered and with no attempt to make an official report.

It must be clarified here that for purposes of claiming insurance, they would have to then see the inspector in charge for him to get their statement which had to be done at the Brickfields station as Bangsar fell under the Brickfields police station’s jurisdiction nevertheless, a report still could have been made at the post when it comes down to it.

Apparently a resident had also called in to report some commotion at the scene, so a police mpv had gone and done it’s rounds there, so as far as they were concerned it was safe to go back. There seemed to be very little empathy on the two girls, traumatised by the incident.

He then proceeded to tell my two poor friends, who were obviously in a state of shock, that there was and wouldn’t be any backup once they had told him what had happened.
To top it off, a patrol car which had arrived not long after, left just as quickly as they announced that they had been dispatched to a fight which broke out nearby.
It seemed that what had just happened to Amy and Sara was not important or severe enough to take immediate notice or action so now, ironically, they were stuck in a sorry excuse for a police post in the middle of Bangsar making calls for someone to come and escort them back to the other car still on Lorong Maarof and then to their respective homes.

As i kept calling them from the safety of my own home to see what progress they were making, luckily two male friends, came to their rescue at about 4.15 am and did the necessary. At this point they were all too tired, scared and disappointed to lodge an official report at a proper station so they proceeded home to calm down and get some rest.
We’re all very thankful only the two front windows had to be replaced but the thought of what could have been is too horrific to imagine.

Something is seriously wrong and this email if anything wants to warn you of the current threat out there on our roads. These out of control groups of motorcyclists have seemed to develop a huge grudge of some sort towards the average car driver. Please be warned and please be weary.

In a separate incident, a relative had her handbag snatched from right under her nose just seconds after her partner left the car to buy a loaf of bread in broad daylight. A motorbike came by, opened the door and grabbed the bag which was by the handbrake.
Lock your doors at all times, whether you’re mobile or stationary, stuck in traffic or about to get out and YES, even if you’re male and not alone. They are ruthless and apparently fearless. Whatever you do, please don’t aggravate them for fear of the worst.
I’m not saying that people in cars can’t commit the same crimes so just be extra, extra careful nowadays as criminals are going to the extreme.

Please pass this on guys and thanks for listening.

* * * * * * *

Sigh. Adds more to my worry when I come home late from work.

Bangsar used to be THE place to hang out. In-crowd, happening, elite to a certain extent. Now it’s rempit infested. Total bummer.


  1. omgawd..i just wrote something like that happen to mybro aswell last saturday(only not by rempits la).yupp totally agree,male/female..have to be extra careful thesedays.

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