“Ini tak boleh ni kak” kata orang DBKL

My house has been under renovation for the past couple of weeks. Nothing major, just minor extensions that my mom has been wanting to do for quite some time, and with a wedding coming up, she saw it as the perfect excuse.

Anyway, about 2 weeks into the construction work, two men dressed like DBKL officers came by the house. They looked busy inspecting the on-going work. One of the workers went to get my mom, telling her that there are people poking their busy noses into their hammering.

So mom went up to ask these people what they wanted. They asked if she had permission to do this construction. Obviously mom doesn’t have a clue, so she told them that the contractor is handling all that stuff. They persisted saying stuff like “oo..ni kalau buat macam ni takde surat kebenaran ni salah tau kak, kak boleh kena saman tau, blablablablabla”

My mom got a little bit annoyed, so she called our trusty contractor, Mr Mutu, who asked my mom if she has any cash on her, and told her to give them money but nothing more than RM250.

So mom did. The moment she gave them the cash, they were all smiley smiley and joking about with my mom. Then they asked for the contractor’s contact number to further their query about the contruction certification etc. Then they left.

Apparently, they called Mr Mutu and asked him for the papers. When he questioned them about their details, which department they were from etc, they asked to meet him at some coffee shop to “chit-chat”. Then later on in the conversation, they asked him for RM1k plus of ‘duit kopi’.

What’s up with that??

A couple of days later. Two other men dressed sloppily with unbuttoned DBKL jacket came by at the gate. They too appeared to be busy peering inside, looking important. So mom quickly told them that a couple of their friends had come by days before.
Then they had this “oh i see” attitude with my mom and started to leave. Just before they left, one of the guys had the cheek to comment about the pile of sand outside the house.

“ehh…ini tak boleh nii…nanti pasir ni masuk dalam longkang, tersumbat, satu hal pulak. takde surat nih blablabla”

Every possible fault, down to the smallest little thing. They’ll just look for SOME excuse so that you shove them money. It’s so embarrassing. What’s even more shameful it’s that they’re Malays. Sigh. Pot bellied and sloppy, they just walk around eyeing any houses that are doing some renovation, and try their luck to see if they can get their “duit kopi”. Malu je dekat the construction workers. At least they’re working their butts off to get their pay.


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