Hello everyone!

Yesterday, was the first time I bought a pot of plant for myself! Usually I buy them for Mom on occasions, but yesterday I somehow ended up in front of a stall selling all this cute lil’ bonsais. I got very much attracted and thought it would be nice to have a miniature tree on my table at the office. It actually emits a serene and calming aura, which is much needed.

So I got myself a Stone Tree bonsai, imported from Australia, which doesn’t seem to require that much fuss and care…just loads of love! Oh, and the monthly dose of vitamins (fertilizer) LOL.

I named him Groovy! Isn’t that a cool name for a bonsai? He’s got leaves that point in all directions and a trunk with obvious grooves on them, so that’s how the name came about. Groovy is 2 years old, (he’s a bit short for his age) and apparently bonsais can live a very very long time.

Anyway, here’s Groovy at his new hangout. May he live long and happy with me here at the office ๐Ÿ˜€

I wonder if there are tips out there on how to care for your bonsai without much hassle..hmmm…

Groovy with his new friend

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  1. OMG !!! FInally someone who knows what a lioness is all about. I have been a lioness for almost 5 yrs I kid you not ! and at least someone knows that its the Lioness that hunts and looks after the pride ! Lions n Tigers all just sit around laze n sleep. Power to strong independent women. Yeah Ra-Jen why not u and Twigs this weekend go cari a plant.

  2. ahaaa…i think Groovy is very spoiled. He gets watered everyday, and when he was left alone over the weekend, he looked like he was left in the desert for a week. Dried up with brown moss. Talk and water him for a day and he’s back to normal, hehehhehMaster Tiger, i know you’re a carnivor, but go get a plant, LOL. Even the Lioness has plants, and she’s the one who hunts for the pride.

  3. Hello,I have plants to keep me company since i cant get my imaginary dog to be a real one due to work as i travel. So I have:– Franny the Fern in my office– Freddison is some designer plant with long thing leaves in a wee circular thing i have at home.I water them once or twice a week so they dont get used to too much water. When I go away I bring Freddison to the office and get the office housekeeper to water them for me. Good Luck with you plant ! Its very nice having a plant. Welcome to the gang.

  4. aliaa, perhaps you could give raje more tips! *hint: you used to take care of a bonsai before remember? But I wonder what happened to it by now hehehe =p

  5. yes it’s quite an old person thing to do (flashes of dad tending lovingly over his prized orchids). But I suppose one must start somewhere ๐Ÿ˜€Anyhoo, I think it requires a lot of attention. Talk to it and stuff like that. You’ll be good at that I know!

  6. oh my god..you’re right!! excited over plants..I AM GETTING OLD!!! the horror…hahhahaha.. oh wellunfortunately, my company does not allow us to have pet phytons keep us company at work, LOL. So I have to be content with Groovy.and on the topic of fertalizer, err.. that’s very nice of you..but..it’s ok ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. man..ur getting old.. *yawnncome on ler..u can do better than getting ‘groovy’..urmm…in case u need some ‘fertalizer’.. i’ve got some fresh 1.call me if you need some…send to you FOC.๐Ÿ™‚

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