Happy Birthday to My Support and Anchor

Yesterday and today are two very important days to me. They are the birthdays of my two bestest friends in the whole wide world. Without them, I wouldn’t be what I am today.

This post is dedicated to Aliaa my Babester and Azlynn who will forever remain my Dillot.

24th May 2007
Dearest Babester,

Happy 24th birthday luv! Another year older, another year wiser. Getting to grow up with you has been a wonderful pleasure. Remember the days when we used to hang on the phone till late at night? Regardless the fact that we’ll see each other again to continue our gossips the next day at school, LOL. And the great fun we had bugging Greg and Rafeek buying Rafeek that birthday glasses with the swirley eyes? Hahahha…we’ve had great times. Even when you’re far away in the land-down-under, I’ve always felt thankful that there’s the internet so that we could stay in touch, and that we remain as close as ever.
Everything’s moving at a whole new pace now, and everything around us changes at an alarming pace. In a month’s time, you’ll be graduating, and I’d be one of the proud people telling other that my best friend has graduated with a double degree! Then you’ll be off to dabble your talents into stuff that you do best. Be it here at your home country, or elsewhere in some foreign land, I just know you’ll make it big.
One thing’s for sure though, you’ll forever be my Babes, and no matter what happens, you know you can count on me to be there for you. 🙂
And you can look forward to babysit my kids.

25th May 2007
Dearest Dillot,

Happy 24th Birthday!!!! You are one person who knows me pretty much inside out! Forever my shopping buddy, it’s always so amusing how we end up picking out stuff for each other. Guess that shows how much we know each other..Hahhaha…
You know, we’ve been friends for about 15 years… and i must say you’ve never once failed to have my back. I lap you Dillot! From the prefect days of school to the bunking days of Uni, through boyfriends and break-ups..life with you has always been an interesting roller-coaster ride. It’s truly been something to go through all of the challenges of our young teenage life together with you. Thanks for always being there for me Dillot, be it during days when I panic over my future or at my Search rock concerts.
Today, you add another number to your age. But I believe that it’s another year of experience that makes you the strong person that you are. You’ve always been my inspiration to be more hard-working. You know how lazy I can be. I must say I’m so amazed at how you manage to pull of working at one of the biggest accounting firms in the country and pull off studying for your professional papers at the same time. You’ll do well 🙂 I just know you will.

To my best friends, thank you so much for constantly being my Support and Anchor. Without the both of you, I’d have lost my way a long time ago.

Happy birthday!

Lots of love,


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