The Young Ones

I was having lunch when I saw a group of youngsters seated at the table across mine. College students. HELP institute is next to where I work so not very surprising to see college goers out and about. What made this group different was that they looked so…fresh.

I guess that’s where the term “freshies” come from.

This group is highly likely new to the college scene. They sit up-right most of the time, and the girls are very self concious, pushing aside their hair every now and then, glancing left and right every once in a while as if the entire male population have eyes fixed on them. Yeap. Freshies.

Apart from the way they carry themselves, it’s actually their faces that gave them away on being freshies. They look so…new…they have that i-don’t-know-anything face plastered on them.

I took a look at me and my colleagues and I said “God, we look like we’ve been run over by a truck twice over”

I miss college days.



  1. Last Saturday I got together with old colledge buddies, and we ended up polishing a couple of bottles of wine, and watching all the video-tapes I made of our colledge days…We had such a laugh and a great time! Going on and on about how skinny we were, how long or short our hair was, how silly and stupid… we had almost as much fun as when we were studying!Good times!

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