The process of getting a form

About a few minutes ago, I popped into a nearby office to collect a form.

That was all I wanted. A single form.

These were the number of people who spoke to me during the 10 minutes I went to get the form.

Old man in lift : hello, do you work here? Office opposite this one? Not this floor? Oh..get form..

Guard at door : yes miss, vhere are u going

Woman in front of me in queue : excuse me, is this the right queue?

Man behind me in queue : ehm..tumpang tanya , can i get the medical claim blablabla form here?

Lady officer at counter : yes miss, nak ape? (after which she went off to get me the form)

Lady officer who step in when the earlier officer went to look for form : ya? nak apa?

Man officer in next counter : Ada orang dah ambikkan borang?

*finally get the form*

Guard at door who nearly swung his plastic bag at me while joking with friend : sorry mem

Man in lift : which floor?

Rempit in front of coffee shop : PEEEWWWIIITTT! ADIK NAK GI MANEEE TUUU

Girlfriend in lift : Busy day today? See ya.

11 people in 10 minutes. On average I roughly spoke to one person per minute. LOL. Aren’t Malaysians a talkative lot…hehehhe

Interesting day so far.

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