Paranormal or paranoia?

For the past few weeks I’ve been working till real late. The usual midnight hours as we have loads and loads to do. Nothing abnormal here, that’s how we usually work in my team. Me and my colleague even have our personal record. We were at the office till 3am. Amazing isn’t it. To top it off, we came to work like usual the next morning. Huyoooo…terrrerrr…hahahahah. Anyway, enough of self back-patting.

One night last week, I was in my car at around midnight, and driving out of the parking lot. You know how sometimes you see something out of the corner of your eye?
Like, you’re looking straight ahead, but then there’s like a shadow that passes by just outside your vision scope. Well, as I was driving out, that’s what I thought I saw, a fleeting shadow.

So I turned to look.

For a split second, I SWEAR I SAW A FACE NEXT TO MY WINDOW. It wasn’t very clear and it was very brief for when I blinked, it was gone. You can’t say it was my reflection because it was the face of a man. All the hair on the back of my neck were standing straight up!

Needless to say I slammed on the accelerator and got the hell out of there. An encounter with a spirit from the netherworld?

I don’t know. Perhaps I was just tired.


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