PANIC in my head!!!

oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!

Ok, I know talking about work is never fun on a blog but OH MY GOD!!!
MSA deadline is today (deadline for us to finish up all our work that is), and that one is almost settled. We’ve done the boards the write-ups etc, all going on fine. Just a few minor details to finish up and we should be good to go.

What I’m panicking about is Thursday’s presentation to clients!! See, my boss went on a Chattuchak sun-tanning shopping spree holiday, hence the reason why I’m presenting, doing it on her behalf. But in the midst of MSA stuff and her rushing to catch her flight, I think it slipped both our minds that she was supposed to brief me about the presentation!! *hyperventilating!!*

Mr Izzy sir, if you’re reading this, excuse me if I fumble around on Thurs, I’ll do my best!!

On a different story altogether, fiance of mine is attending his 2nd interview today (finally). Here’s praying and hoping that he gets the job he’s been wishing for, and if he does get it…I’m gonna pray triple hard that he doesn’t get posted elsewhere!!! I’ll die without my One Utama and Bangsar *groan*

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