If you expect, suffer, you will

Don’t know if I have shared this before, but my yoga instructor (one seriously hot mom) once said to her students who were groaning and gasping while trying to pull off a position, “Do not expect, if you expect you will suffer”. She actually said that just to shut up our “no more!! child pose! child pose!” requests. But apart from sounding like something that Yoda would say, I actually think that it is applicable to everything in our daily life.

Though it is always good for us to plan, and want something, I guess we really shouldn’t expect things to roll off exactly how we want it to. If something does not quite go the way we want it to, then we’re bound to be highly disappointed.

Thus, do not expect, for if you expect, then you will suffer.

Oh, by the way, check out this website, it can convert whatever sentences you type in into Yoda-language, LOL.

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