American Idol Sans Sanjaya

Oh my god! After I wrote the previous entry, 5 minutes later I found out that Sanjaya is no more!! (on American Idol that is)

Hahahahha…finally..the voters came to their senses. Seriously, could you just imagine him being in the same line up as Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks?? Heck, Sanjaya can’t sing, well he probably would do ok in a group choir, but I don’t think he’d be selling platinum as a solo artist. I mean, do you think there’s any sane person out there who would go “Hey man, this dude has some awesome hair-do, I’m gonna go get his album right away!!” At most, they’d probably go look for the name of his hair stylist or something.

But regardless of the critics that was thrown his way, I believe young Sanjaya’s little head with much much hair was starting to swell with the media attention and big fan base that he was getting. I felt that he was starting to get a little bit cocky and rude.

Oh well, as Sanjaya wipes his tears and sniffles off the American Idol stage, he can be sure that he’ll still have some strong post-Idol following.

As a start, Maxim Online, has named him Today’s Girl. LOL. Go Sanjy!

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