Sanjaya with KFC Hair?

I don’t know if this old news or new news..LOL

I find it so amusing that KFC is just as obsessed with Sanjaya’s hair as everybody else.

Check out this article I found on MBP website.

KFC Asks American Idol Finalist to Sport ‘Bowl’ Haircut

Kentucky Fried Chicken is hoping to prevail upon American Idol finalist Sanjaya Malakar – who has appeared on the reality show in a number of wacky ‘do’s – to sport a bowl haircut to publicize KFC’s “Famous Bowls.”

The fast food chain is offering Malakar a free, lifetime supply of KFC Bowls, the chance to star in a KFC ad, $5,000 and a charitable donation in his name to the KFC Foundation. KFC originally made the offer to Malakar last week, minus the commercial offer and the cash. This week, in an open letter to the singer, KFC president Greg Dedrick sweetened the deal.

Last season, KFC reached out to one of America Idol’s runner-ups, offering a chance to write and star in an ad for the Bowls (and get a year’s supply of chicken), writes RealityTVWorld. The singer turned the offer down.

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