A CrocStory!

The first time I saw a pair of Crocs in a shop’s window display, I thought to myself “Oh dear God, who in their right mind would want to wear something that looks so freaking ugly??” The next thing I know, almost every other feet that passes by me is sporting a pair of Crocs in the various shades of LOUD. Red, orange, lime green, yellow, pink etc. And NO, the loud colours don’t make them look any prettier.

Crocs are my definition of absolute no no when it comes to check points in choosing footwear. They’re big and bulky and does my dainty feet no justice. Or so I thought.

When my aunt came by my house the other day, she wore a pair of red Crocs. This is a mother of two who is not exactly the type that I would think would don a pair of bulky footwear. She gushed on about how comfy they were and how easy to clean and how light they felt. Still, I wasn’t convinced.

So last weekend, while browsing at a shopping mall with my fiance, we happened to pass by a Crocs‘ shop. I couldn’t help it, my curiosity got the better of me. In we went, and I tried on various pairs of Crocs.

There were the oh-so-famous Cayman and Beach Crocs

The Athens Crocs

Islander Crocs

Nile Crocs

Professional Crocs..which do not have holes on the top to provide extra protection (whatever that means)

Even Disney has decided to ride on the Crocs phenomenon

But my absolute favourite has got to be the Prima Crocs

And yes, they’re EXTREMELY comfortable.

Although I’m unsure how they’d fare out in the Malaysia’s hot weather. I do wonder if the material would make your feet all hot and sweaty. But trying it out in an air-conditioned environment, Crocs certainly receives two thumbs up from me.

I still wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of Beach Crocs, but I sure would love to have a pair of Primas or Athens. It’s true! They’re really light! It’s like walking on a cushion of air. The picture of this kid says it all.

This is sure gonna hit Scholl hard, heheheheh.

That’s it for me, next on my wish list, a pair of Prima Crocs.

So, what’s your CrocStory? *grin*

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