The day I got engaged

Last Saturday was one of the happiest days of my life. I am now blissfully engaged to my one and only. No words could describe the joy I felt that day.

The night before was quite hectic as we were all busy with preparations. Family and close friends came to help out with the last-minute preparations. Furniture were moved, carpets laid out, last-minute sewing was done to the curtains and so much more. Thank god for my cousins and uncles who readily spared their strength to do all the heavy work, otherwise my dad would have passed out doing the heavy lifting all by himself (the woes of not having sons..hehehe). Two of my friends came by to help as well. I slept at 1am (after being pestered to), my sister slept at 2am, my cousins, aunts and uncles slept at about 3 plus and I don’t think my parents slept at all. Everyone was just so excited!

The day came none too soon and before you knew it, there I was, patiently sitting still while the make-up artist does her wonders. Put on my kebaya…and nervously waited for the arrival of the in-laws-to-be. My family members were all waiting downstairs..while my best friends were with me in my room, waiting for the time to walk me down to the ceremony area.

When they finally arrived and settled in, speeches were made and gifts were exchanged. Then my future-mom-in-law put the ring on my finger…and I couldn’t stop smiling since. Even when about 12 aunts from his side took turns stuffing me with sugar, I still couldn’t stop smiling. Oh, I’ll explain more about the “sugar stuffing” in a later post.

I’m now one step closer to being my loved one’s bride *swoon* and I’m glad that the people whom are dearest to me were there to share my happy moment. Parents, loving sister, close relatives, soul mates, close friends, family friends, they were all there looking on as the cameras clicked away and sugar stuck all over my gloss covered lips, LOL. Only one missing was best friend in Aussie *sniffle*.

Months of preparation is over in just a day, but it was definitely all worth it. So here’s to a whole new chapter. The planning of next year’s wedding!! Hahahhahaah!

Pictures can be viewed here.

To Indi, check out the pictures, you’ll get to see what my engagement kebaya looks like πŸ™‚


  1. Oh Twigs! You looked beautiful!!!! I loved going through the pics, and I enjoyed seeing the happiness on your face in every pic! You & your fiance makes for a stunning photo!And I love your kebaya! You looked stunning!

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