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Ding ding ding dinnngg!!! LOL. Weddings is all I can talk about today, mainly because I’m getting engaged in 2 days time!! So exciting! I’m like sugar high almost 24/7 for the past few days. Can’t help it, heheheh. Going out for a manicure/pedicure later today, wheeee.

Yesterday, went out for a late night drink with darling boyfy (soon to be fiance *grin*) at Bangsar. Popped in and out of small boutiques around Telawi, and I somehow fell in love with a pair of shoes. Regardless the fact that the initial idea was to just have drinks, which led to wanting to buy just ONE top, but I ended up with these pretty magenta peep-toe wedges 😀 courtesy of boyfy of course, luv luv luuuvvv!

So anyway, just to share, previously I mentioned that my childhood friend got married. My dad was in charge of designing and main man for constructing the wedding dais. It turned out to be absolutely lovely. Simple yet breath-taking. What do you think?

The view from far

The Malay wedding dais

Please excuse me if the pictures are not satisfactory, I’m not much of a photographer, heheheh..

All in all the wedding went rather well, apart from the fact that the bride and groom arrived quite late. People were practically drooling at the food in front of them, hahahaha. In the end everyone was happy when they saw the smartly dressed groom who was beaming with pride with his pretty wife next to him. The parents of the groom (along with friends and relatives on duty) looked extremely tired, yet they still managed to work their facial muscles to smile as guests congratulated them.

Weddings are always a lovely occasion don’t you think?


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