Are You Music Smart?

I got this from the office angel. Huh? What? Office Angel?
hahahahah…yes yes…office angel.

Anyway, take a really close look at the picture above. There are 74 artists “hidden” in that picture. Can you recognize any?

Let me give you an example…can you see Matchbox 20? *grin*

Let’s see how many you can list down!! 😀
I’ll post up the answers next week. Cheers!

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  1. 1 led zeppelin2 b-523 the eagles4 guns n roses5 pet shop boys6 queen7 alice in chains8 the blues brothers9 smashing pumpkins10 nine inch nails11 the eels12 the sex pistols13 chihuahua14 rolling stones15 whitesnake16 the monkees (huh?)17 u218 the cars19 police20 silver dollar (wild guess)21 iron maiden22 beach boys23 matchbox 20 (I don’t even know them)24 boomtown ratI give up! LOL… How embarrassing!

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