Growing up

Yesterday, my childhood friend was safely married to the love of his life.
I gave him a call that morning to wish him good luck, and to tell him that I couldn’t attend the solemnization ceremony. He sounded tired but still managed to keep up the cheekiness that was always part of him.

We’ve known each other from the day we were born, our moms being best friends since college days, it was only natural that our families always go on holidays and outings together. When we were a lot younger, us and our siblings played catch barefooted in the garden while our parents were either playing cards or chatting the night away. Then there would be the occasional girlish scream when one of the boys accidentally stepped on a slimy frog, hahahah.

Those were the days when “computer” was not the synonym of the word “game”. Back then whatever it was we could think of, we did. The usual game of tag, ping pong, swimming out at sea or the pool, cycling, kite flying, jet skiing, horseback riding, fishing (be it with a fishing pole or our bare hands and a bucket), scrabble, carom, card games, truth or dare, surfing, banana boat rides, I could go on forever.

Those were the days where we were so carefree. Nothing seemed to bother us except for the rain when we wanted to be out by the beach. That was the only major problem we faced. I miss those days of pure innocent fun. Going through old holiday photo albums, it seemed like it was only yesterday that all of us were out cycling in search for adventures, where we’d be out in the sun till we were as burnt as a grilled prawn. Sigh.

Today, as hard as it is to accept, we’re grown ups. Whether we want to be or not, there is simply no choice, life goes on. He’s off to start his own family, together with his lovely bride. And I myself, will be engaged to my love in 2 weeks. It’s amazing how time flies.

Here’s to you Abang Long. May you be blessed with a train of beautiful children. Shower them with lots of love, and don’t forget to show them what it’s like to have real outdoor fun like how we used to when we were kids 🙂 once in a while, chuck away the PS2s, Nintendos and computer games.

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