Justin : Britney’s life line..?

I heard on the radio yesterday afternoon that Justin poured out his heart through a letter to Britney who’s currently in rehab, saying things like he’s sorry that they fell in love so young, and if only they had fallen in love a few years later, he would have married her and they’d probably have kids by now. Witnesses said that Britney could hardly stop crying long enough to catch her breath.

I think it’s really sweet that he’s doing what he can to give her hope. Let’s hope all ends well for Britney.

Here’s a video I found on YouTube. The song is Justin’s What Goes Around Comes Around, but the person who did up this video complied various Britney and Justin clips. The outcome is awesome. Goes very well with the song. Bravo to the editor.
Have a look and see for yourself 🙂


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