Radio Gaga

Aren’t radios the greatest invention ever? I think I’d die if I were stuck in a traffic jam WITHOUT my car radio. I’d probably be screaming my face red at the stalled car in front of me and practically be pulling my hair out.

I love Fly FM. And I especially love the Big Bang Breakfast Show (BBBS) with Phat Fabes and Ben. Thank god Fabes has cooled down a bit on his annoying monkey laugh. Drove me a lil bit nuts at times.

Anyway, last week I was listening to one of their Fix It segments, and so this girl calls in with her problem. Apparently her boyfriend hasn’t been in touch with her for 3 days. So Phat Fabes and Ben calls up her boyfriend, with their kind intentions on fixing her problem, as that’s what the programme is all about, Fix It. But then the most unexpected thing happened…THE DUDE BROKE UP WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND!! ON NATIONAL RADIO!!!! oh dear god, the drama the drama. The girl was sobbing away and the guy just hung up. Totally “Days of Our Lives” on radio. Oh well…if it’s not meant to be..then what can you do, right? No use crying over spilt milk.

Then there’s the other saga of the End Bit. Basically they play a snippit of a song, and you have to guess it right. If the caller guesses it wrong, the money snowballs 100 bucks to the next day. No one has gotten it right. The contest has been on for 97 days. Do the math. NINE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED BUCKS!!! It’s wild!! RM9700 to guess a song right!! oh maaannn..i can already think of the number of things I could do with that amount of money. I’m sure you can do up a list within seconds. What would you do with 9700 bucks?

Oh well, hope whomever wins that money will put it to good use. Here’s to the next Fly FM drama.


  1. Hi twigs,I will take off work for 2 weeks, hit the beaches and just relax! I won’t stress about nothing!On the other hand, there are still a few (understatement) things we need for our home… so it will definitely be a dificult decision!But one way or another, I will SPEND!!!

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