I look like WHO??

Did you check out the post previously? Ain’t it cool? I decided to try out MyHeritage‘s demo the other day and found it to be absolutely awesome!

What it does is that it matches your photo with celebrities that has your facial features. All you have to do is simply upload a picture, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a picture of you alone. The system will then scan for number of faces in the picture, you wait a while, and voila!! I gives you your celebrity look-a-likes along with the percentage of how much alike you are to that celebrity!

I’m not sure how accurate it is, but what you do is, you upload several pictures of yourself, and if each time the same celebrity is matched to you, then that’s the person you look like the most.

It’s quite flattering when you get matched to well-known and famous celebs like Eva Longoria *ehem, thanks Indi*

But then there are cases when you’re matched to God-knows-who like Steve Harris *shudder*
i think it’s gotta be the hair…

I guess how it works is that it tries to match the prominent features like your smile, eyes, fringe or face shape. So if you upload a picture where your face is facing at an angle, then the celebrities that match you would most likely be those who are posed at that same angle as well. Therefore it’s better to try a picture where you’re facing the camera straight on. Also if you’re wearing sunnies or glasses, they would most likely match you people who wear glasses and not necessarily look like you. So try it and see for yourself! 😀

Celebrity matches aside, I remember when I was in primary school, friends used to tell me this myth, that in this world, there are 7 people who look almost exactly like you. I wonder how far this is true…hmmm….


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