Are you the BIGGEST fan?

Was reading news today and saw this really funny Maggi ad. It’s been showing on TV as well.

Have you ever watched an advertisement on tv and say “Who in the world came up for the idea of this commercial?? I can do better than that!”
Well, Maggi’s apparently giving all the consumers a chance to do just that. They’re running an online contest and all you have to do it do up a video following the theme “Biggest fan of MAGGI”.
Some people have done up really creative stuff while others…well..they try 😀

It’s a really attractive contest from my point of view as the first prize is RM5,000. I mean, it doesn’t get any easier than that does it? I’m sure everyone has had a “MAGGI moment” that can be captured on video. How they choose winners is via votes (that’s it..all my friends will be forced to vote for me!!) and also a few professional judges will also have a say. Heck, you even stand to win cash for making your friends register!

Most of us grew up with Maggi. I don’t think there’s anyone in this country who has not heard of Maggi. If you haven’t then you’ve most probably been abducted by aliens and had your memories wiped out. Actually, you might be an alien yourself…ahhahaha.. oh well, it’s about time Maggi recognizes us noodle addicts. C’mon MAGGI!! SHOW ME THE MONEEEEYYY!!!

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