Gift Picker Helper Thingy

Ok, imagine this, your friends’/relatives’ or whomever’s birthday is coming up. You’re cracking your head on what to get for them. They’re either too fussy, or you’ve already gotten them everything, or you just don’t know what they might like.
In the end, you buy either accessories – for the girls, or a tie/socks – for the men, or god knows what or even end up with just a card.

Sounds familiar?

Well it’s happened to me more than once. But a friend of mine found this great site that actually assists you in coming up with suggestions on gifts according to the personality of the gift receiver!! Cool isn’t it?
I’ts called Evite Gift Finder and how it works is that they will ask you a few questions, which you have to answer by clicking pictures, and after about a few minutes, voila!! A list of gifts suggested appears for you!

Lemme share with you a few snapshots of the site.

I find it to be really helpful. Best thing is, if you don’t think that the personality really suits the receiver, you can always start over. I love this site.
Try it and you’ll see what I mean 🙂

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