Britney Spears a.k.a Depress Princess

Somehow or rather, I’ve been feeling rather depressed these past few days. In a way, I can’t seem to put my finger on a specific reason why. Perhaps it’s due to several factors instead of just one.*sigh* the usual.

But as bad as I’m feeling right now, I guess I’m still a thousand times happier than Britney is. The poor girl must be majorly stressed to the point of going cuckoo. I mean, she practically shaved off all of her hair…ON HER OWN! The hairdresser helped her clean up her job at the end of it.

After which, she went on to get a tattoo and now, she’s in rehab. Must be really depressing to go from the girl who has it all, to someone who’s lost hope.
Well, either way, I hope she gets all the help that she needs…it’ll be such a waste for her to just let things go down the drain. Here’s to you Britney, get well soon.

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