The Fly FM Arranged Marriage Drama

Do you guys tune in to Fly.FM? They’re one of the coolest radio stations around, from my point of view. They have this morning show called the Big Bang Breakfast Show with two DJs, Phat Fabes and Ben. I find them really entertaining (apart from Phat Fabe’s irritating monkey laugh), and I love the fact that they manage to make me laugh every morning as I drag my feet to work and curse at the traffic around me.

Anyway, on their morning show, they’re now having this thing called Fly Fm’s FIX It where listeners can email in whatever it is they want help with for example…getting a day off from work..or getting a girl to go out on a date with them. You got a problem, they’ll do their best to fix it!

SO one of the first ones I tuned in to was this lady who wrote in saying that she has a problem with her husband. After giving birth, she feels all fat and unattractive and it doesn’t help that her husband teases her about being fat! So what Ben and Phat Fabes did was, they called up this woman’s husband, talked to him about her issues, and somehow got him to apologize to her ON RADIO!!! Isn’t that something? At the end of their on-air conversation, the mane said something along the lines “sayaaanng…kenapa nii…I’m sorry la i panggil you fat ok? Malam ni I take you somewhere special”
Or something like that lah. So hey hey, not bad they managed to fix that! Wifey got apology and nice fancy diner, hubby got lucky that he avoided being locked out of the house. LOL

So yesterday on the way to work, I listened to another problem they had to fix. This time the email was from a girl, don’t remember her name, let’s call her Farah. So Farah emailed them saying that she wants to get married, but her problem was her father is against her getting married. So she wants them to help her convince daddy dearest to let her and her loved one tie the know.

So off goes Ben and Fabes, calling the dad (let’s call him En Zaki)with much confidence, while Farah listens quietly on the other line. This is how the conversation pretty much went :-

Ben & Fabes (BF) : Hello, is this En Zaki?
Dad : Yes, speaking
BF : Hi En Zaki, this is Ben and Phat Fabes from Fly FM’s Big Bang Breakfast Show.
Dad : Oh, ok
BF : E Zaki we’re actually doing a show called Fix It, and we received an email from your daughter saying that you will not let her marry her boyfriend. So En Zaki, we actually want to help her and try to get you to agree on letting her get married.
Dad : Who the hell do you people think you are?? HA? I’m so sick of this, dah meluat tau. We have already aranged the wedding, I don’t want to hear anymore of this nonsense.
BF : Uhm, wait, what wedding is this?
Dad : It’s all been arranged! I don’t want to hear this anymore. Jangan nak menyibuk! We’ve gone through this banyak kali dah. I have no time for this!
BF : Wait,En Zaki, what wedding are you talking about?

Line goes dead. Dad slammed down the phone on them.

The two DJs then turned the conversation over to Farah.

BF : Oh man… heard your dad…what’s this wedding is he talking about? He already has a marriage planed?
Farah : Yes….but I don’t want to marry him!
BF : What?? Arranged marriage? Oh man you should have told us in your email! You didn’t mention about this.
Farah : Ya…but I don’t want to marry Yusri..i want to marry my boyfriend Shah
BF : Yeah but you should have told us about this then we would have approached it differently
Farah : I want to marry Shah. I don’t love Yusri.

And the conversation ended there, the continuation of it, where the two DJs call back the Dad will be on Monday…can’t wait to find out what happens.

You should hav heard them moan about being scolded that way by someone’s Dad on national radio..oh those two poor guys.

I wonder what was actually going on with that girl…arranged marriages…not exactly something any girl of this era would be thrilled about…especially if her heart belongs to someone else

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