The Next Idol :)

I was at work yesterday, keying in figures and all that jazz when i received a forwarded youtube link from my boss.

What I saw was the cutest little girl EVER!!

I believe she’s about 3 years old. So adorable. She’s confidently singing to a song called Sesucinya Cintamu by Anuar Zain, a Malaysian artist.

From all the comments pasted on the YouTube pages about this girl, one can see that she’s loved by people all over the world, regardless whether they understand what she’s singing 😀

But there are some cruel people who condemn the singing of a 3 year old. Don’t ask me why or what these people are thinking about. I’ll surf around later and see if I can post up some idiotic comments about this cute little girl.

Otherwise, enjoy the clip and see what you think 🙂 I can assure you that it’ll make you go “aawwww…”

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