Anyone can do yoga…NOT!

Woooo…it’s February already!! Great balls of fire! Time flies by so fast… *sigh*
in about a month’s time I’m gonna be known as someone’s fiance.. excited nervous scared butterflies in my stomach but above all.. I’m extremely happy 😀
Even though workload is piling up like Mount Everest, I can still manage to stroll along to the phtocopying machine humming happy tunes to all is well!

Today’s Thursday, Yoga-day at the office. Not sure if I can make it though. Have to attend a new magazine launch event.

People seem to have this perception that Yoga is an easy sort of exercise…I BEG TO DIFFER!!! First of all..don’t buy into that whole “Anyone can do Yoga” mantra. I have been fooled!!

To start off, you have to be at least flexible enough to bend and stretch at odd angles… there are a whole bunch of doggone positions that you have to bend-over and stretch to. For example there’s the “downward-dog position”. Go google it up.
Looks easy enough right? WRONG!!! You gotta put your heels down on the floor WHILE making sure your knees are not bent WHILE making sure your spine is straight!! Stay there a bit too long and you start feeling woozy and that’s when they tell you to BREATHE. WHat? Breathe?? Oh yeaahhh…you kind of forget to breathe when you’re too busy trying to get all other things right.

Now that is THE MOST BASIC position that you have to do almost at every class.

Then there’s there’s all other positions like warrior one, warrior two, warrior three, cobra position, upward-dog position etc…now all these I can do..perfectly.. no big deal..
I can even do this

But you know what i have problems with..? It’s all of those “touch your toes” positions. I CAN’T TOUCH MY TOES!!! I’m serious!! I’ve tried and tried ever since i was a kid. I’ve always envied the other kids who could just bend over (with knees straight) and touch their pretty little tosies..or some can go even further and touch the ground with the palm of their hand *gasp

I’m toe-touchingly challenged I tell you. It’s a good thing my Yoga instructor is oh-so-patient. Calmly saying “it’s ok you just have very tight hamstrings” before giving my back a hard push towards the ground making me feel like my thighs are about to tear apart, geez. Then everyone goes ahead to do this!!
It’s not easy ok!! But it sure looks it.

At the end of the day..I just do what I can manage while remembering to breathe and at the same time looking forward to the end of the yoga class where all the lights are switched off …and soft soothing music is played …and you just close your eyes….and relax….and breathe…and zzzzzzzzzzz….. HAHAHAHAHHA!! ok it’s happened to me before but no’re not suppose to doze off. Yoga’s actually a great way to sweat a little or a lot (depending on how extensive the stretching is), otherwise I won’t be doing any sports activities at all. What to do…no time. Work work work…hahaha..even yoga is at the work place.

Well…off to finish work…and mentally hype myself up for yoga time 😀 I can just hear the slow voice of my instructor … “ok everyone…remember…big toes together…heels apart”


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