The Lipstick Personality

I found this personality test on today, The Star’s latest addition to their online site. Nice touch, a site dedicated specially for it!

Anyway, this personality test is based on : lipstick.

With only about 5 questions asked, based on lipstick preference and how you wear ’em..i was kinda skeptical..but hey ho whaddya know! They described my personality right on the dot!

Check it out!

Orange people love being outdoors. Nature invigorates, being indoors depresses. Make good friends and excel at careers that involve the outdoors. Well thought of by their peers.

Good lovers with a kinky side that enables them to give anything a try.

Talk a lot, project their voices loudly and aren’t afraid to express opinions on anything.

Learns from past mistakes and are very aware of their actions and surroundings. Very secure individuals. They know that what they wish for in life is theirs for the taking. Feel they deserve the best.

Happy, confident resourceful. Enthusiastic, happy, sociable, energetic, sporty, self-assured and constructive.

Easy-going, organised, loyal, sometimes shy, an avid shopper, respectful of others’ feelings.

A: Nothing motivates you more than the idea of a shopping spree. As much as you love outdoor activities, it pales to the adrenaline rush derived from a boutique-hopping. Whether it’s at a quirky but mod street stall to a plush, elegant boutique you’ll always be spotted with your platinum credit card in hand. Look magically radiant amidst the shopping with 514 Coral Magic of L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Star Secrets.

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  1. This is ME!! Red adds life and vitality. Provides energy.Courageous, confident, humanistic, strong-willed, spontaneous, honest and extroverted. Passion, energy and money-making. Seductive. Makes others feel more energetic and vital.Energetic, fun-loving, friendly, passionate romantic, trustworthy and hardworking.A: Never let it be said that you’re lacking in energy. Your immense passion for matters of interest fuels you without end. Whether it’s hard at work or hard at play, there’s no stopping your enthusiasm and intensity. In fact, this fiery and driven attitude is so prominent, it even helps revitalise the people around you. In light of this, we recommend an equally passionate and fiery 511 Red Classic of Colour Riche Star Secrets.

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